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Q: I have notice on your website you mention you are the only manufacturer that produce 100% in Japan. But I saw on other brands they say they also produce in Japan, so what is the real story behind this?

R: Fujiiyroki is number 1 because since 65 years offers his clients only quality and honesty. If you see other companies saying they produce in Japan or they're spare parts are produced in Japan, we recomand you to do reserch and see that the informations you are told are not correct. Fujiiyroki has patent for all the technique. No one can produce our tehnique. Everything we do is based on medical research and we are the only manufacturer that produce 100% in Japan. With order words if you look for quality there is only one choice and that is Fujiiryoki.

Q: I notice you have a reputation for best warranty services, how you maintain that?

R: We use the highest components ( Hitachi Medical & Nissan). Fujiiyroki massage chairs are world wide number 1 in durability. In Japan qulity check is very strict and high standards. Also, our products are the most close to human massage.

Q: How is possible to maintain number 1 position world wide, without promovation and marketing?

R:Our focus is client needs. People that test Fujiiryoki, buy Fujiiyroki, and nothing else. Our sales are based on high quality offered to our clients. This is why cleints prefer our services.

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